So basically we are an adult clan, We do BackToBack 50v50 Wars. Since global has been removed its pretty hard to find members that stick (i.e. IF YOUR ARE A HOPPER DON'T JOIN) We are a pretty established clan and are looking for ACTIVE members who DONATE, USE BOTH WAR ATTACKS, AND DON'T LOOT. We are pretty chilled in the clan and have a laugh, if your active in chat, thats a bonusRules basically are: when we war, pick a target you can three star and confirm the target with a co-leader (Try to attack early) and USE BOTH ATTACKS
Maintain a 1:2 donation ratio

we are pretty ruthless with these, so if you can't handle it then don't join

clan tag -

Yes thats JOY as in the feeling in the clan tag not a zero.