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Thread: Valley chickens

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    Valley chickens

    I've seen a bunch of other members having trouble getting in the valley, but I haven't had that issue. However, I don't see chickens in my map. Been on and off throughout day and only found 4 chickens total. No chickens currently on map again. Also, I don't see any other members in the valley, so it seems there may be multiple issues with this season. If anyone else has had the chicken issue I would like to know. Thank you.

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    I have only seen (and collected) ONE chicken as of yet. We have a grand total of four so far, lol. It seems to me that these start off rather scarce initially, and increase in appearance as the season progresses, but that's just my personal observation.

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    I have yet to see a chicken
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    100 Chickens

    I haven't seen a chicken yet, but luckily for me, my Valleymates captured 6 and we only need 100 chickens for Season 7.

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    I’ve only seen 1 chicken, which I collected. Although I haven’t seen anyone else in the valley, our group has collected a total of 6 so far.

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    I got one yesterday, and haven't seen any more. People I can't see for the clouds collected 4 others. My other 4 hoodmates have not seen any at all.

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    I was wondering if I was the only one, who couldn’t see any chickens in the valley. We have three chickens so far. If it doesn’t change, there’s no way we’ll get to 100. ����♥♀️

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    No need to worry, it always starts of slow. By the end of the first week the darn chickens will be all over the roads.
    Think we have 10 so far and I expect we will end up with almost 200. Lots of group tasks around too.
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    no chicken sighted, none collected by other valley members

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    Havnt see chicken yet either and only 9 collected in total so far which seems low? Plenty of cloud cover though

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