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Thread: Upgrading Multiple Barracks

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    To me this is a good way to take a break from COC for a while. On both of my TH13's I"m upgrading the final 3 barracks. This means I'm only attacking ~3 times a day (enough to stay just above 4900). Its kinda of refreshing...

    I normally try to do 1 barrack first to get the new troop. Then start the upgrades. Then do the next 3 at the same time. (for Dark barracks, just do both at the same time). Its painful, but not as painful as having slower build times for over a month.

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    I did all 4 straight away. All down. (yes crazy talk for some, but I gotta do this)

    IMO this is the most brutal upgrade in the game. NONE are worse. I am also hyper "OCD" about my Barrax balance and optimal troop cook time.

    I just rode out on Hog Bowler Witch armies for those painful 8-10 days. Slurp a lot of Builder potion aka Baja Blast. and settle in for some Dark raids...

    YMMV, but this is pretty much the only way I roll on Barrax upgrades.

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    I upgraded two barracks at the same time once and swore Iíd never do it again. One at a time since. I agree with others that itís not worth using a BoB on a barracks unless you have no other use for it. Itís not like the spell factories or the workshop where you pretty much have to do it.

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    upgrading barracks or anything else, like the workshop, lab, spell factory..... all are a pita because they shut down...... but itís been that way since the beginning of time, before the first barb crawled out of his cave, before the first archer let loose her arrow...... I find myself drinking more ale while watching replays and chatting with my mates more....... maybe SC should come up with some kind of drinking game to waste our time? oops, nope family game........

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    i've upgraded 3 barracks together recently for the yeti in LL. it was alright had no issue doing 8 attacks a day.

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    Unless you are in Legends and spacing out your attacks I would only do 1 barracks at a time. Even then you still might only want 1 barracks on upgrade because war armies will take forever. I did my 4 barracks upgrades 1 at a time, and if they happen to be upgrading during the gold pass % boost then the pain is not as bad. But the shortened times are not as great either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jatin39 View Post
    So my question is how many barracks should i upgrade at a time to maximise my farming productivity as i won't be using Yeti anytime soon.
    You maximize non-yeti farming by not upgrading any barracks. Simple as that.

    Personally, to avoid slow training, I'm just waiting for free builder books. Got two barracks upgraded so far.

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