Mac Aussie Clan (P82VQV8V)

We are an english speaking Aussie Clan looking for the following:

  • MUST be an Active/Daily Clasher
  • TH 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Not overly rushed) welcome
  • Can read and understand English
  • Follow instructions and be part of a team effort

We only war twice a week at the same times every week and participate in:

  • Clan Wars x Twice a Week (participation optional)
  • Clan League Wars x Once a Month (participation optional)
  • Games (participation is a must)

We only have 3 Troop Requests:

  • WAR: Maximum level troops are supplied by our Higher Clashers.
  • DEFENCE: Any level troops by any level Clasher (No barbs, gobs, or wallies).
  • EVENT: If you can’t make the troops, supplied by any level Clasher.

We aren’t interested in Clashers that are hoppers, that just want to park their accounts, swearers and/or Clashers that are just plain rude or disrespectful.

Our forum password is:
"Pekka King"

Kind Regards
Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG

Come & join a great clan
Clan Founded - March 2016

Clan War Profile:
Clan Wars - 204 wins
Clan League Wars - Gold 2
Clan Level - 11
Clan Members - 24 members

No Swearing
Come & join a great clan
Founded - March 2016

Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG
Town Hall - 13
Level - 218
War Stars – 1731