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    New event

    This must be a bug. The new even is a 1 gem boost for heroís which Iím sure is correct but why does it matter if I boost my heroís IF my barracks are still cooking troops.

    This must just be an oversight and I think it should be addressed promptly.

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    There is nothing wrong with it. Such events were in the game for years if not since beginning. You could ask it in the other way as well → why 1 gem boost for barracks while heroes still healing?

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    They are both ridiculous

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    I think you'll discover that lots of players are able to prepare armies that can be created much more quickly than their heroes can heal. Maxed heroes take 49 minutes to heal from dead. You can make a lot of barch or goblin knife armies in that time. And since you can have a full army ready and waiting in the queue, every player must have experienced attacking and then waiting for their heroes to heal before they can use their backup army. Likewise, there are lots of players who have their heroes on guard (on purpose or even by accident) and get stuck waiting for them to heal before they can get an attack in during a specific window of time.

    Not every deal will have the same value to you, but there are lots of players out there, many of whom see value in boosting their heroes. Since the deal was for 1-gem hero boosts and that's exactly what it's providing, I think we can safely say their advertised deal is not a bug. You just don't like the deal. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Of course it isn't a bug or an oversight.

    As Wotanwaton says, it is no different to the ones the other way around which have happened quite frequently.

    You may think that ridiculous, but that doesn't turn it into either a bug or an oversight, or anything SC are likely to "address".
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