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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibssoli27 View Post
    Finally, thank you for this! But will the valley restart again? We already missed out 1 day of activity at valley, hope after the maintenance everyone could start over again.
    No we can't restart the Valley this time around as this issue affected only a small portion of the players. :/ Missing out one day out of 21 is not too bad.


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    Ok, thanks so much! I'm glad we can enter now, but does anyone see chickens on the road? I haven't saw a single one yet�� whhhhy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tattyj View Post
    We also cannot access the valley. Message is same as above. Not that support is listening! As usual!

    I can’t access Valley either. Some members from my group, Brandywine, are able to get there, but it seems we’re given access one at a time.
    I hope this gets fixed soon, before players find another app to play. In fact, any suggestions could be posted...?

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    I have also not been able to open this valley season, I have reinstalled game but still just showing the end of the last season. I have reported twice but have had nothing back, IOS is all up to date so are updates..please help

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