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    Exclamation Joining the valley, please wait!

    And wait and wait... no valley. ☹️

    edit to add: it seems to be the same for most of my hoodmates
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    Unable to join valley

    Having same problem with valley
    Not only me but my all neighborhood members also having these valley issue
    Showing message
    Joining valley please wait
    But nothing is happening since valley started.

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    I can get to the Valley, and then it crashes the game as soon as I get there.
    I am having the same issues with the News icon at the top left of the screen, as soon as it starts to open it crashes the game.
    This is on my 10.3 IOS version iPad.

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    No issues here but again there aren't enough days to get to the last chest of the Valley daily tasks.

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    Uninstalled and reinstalled game (was connected to supercell id, facebook and google) so now i can finally connect to server. Valley wont load. Started, stopped game, restarted android phone. Nothing getting me into valley.

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    Same here. Samsung android PAd.
    Also neighborhood have same problem.
    Restart game, cleaned cache, no luck so far.
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    Whole hood has no access here either.. 6.5hours waiting so far

    Edited to add... 13hours no access
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    Stuck on "Joining valley please wait"

    I can't get into the valley and neither can my neighbors. I've been trying all day & it just stays on the joining valley screen.

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    Stay healthy, you all!! *hugs*
    Out of curiosity, how many players are there in your hood? I wonder whether hood size has something to do with this.
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    Nobody in my neighborhood can get into valley either. Very frustrating been trying for 11 hoursnow
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