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    Quote Originally Posted by Moldeecupcake21 View Post
    I can't get into the valley and neither can my neighbors. I've been trying all day & it just stays on the joining valley screen.
    What's the size of your hood?

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    Same with me. „Joining the valley” and nothing happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    What's the size of your hood?
    29 members

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    Spent the day sending messages to SC support. Their most recent reply says they can`t help any further on this issue. At no point have they acknowledged that this is a widespread problem through multiple replies today. Normally they will admit there is problem and that they are working on it but not this time, Our NH of 23 ( several of them are very big diamond spenders) is locked out of valley.
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    We also cannot access the valley. Message is same as above. Not that support is listening! As usual!
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    our whole hood still can't join valley is there any fix coming up?

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    I've been talking to support too. The latest reply says to give her a bit so they can look further into it & she'll get back to me. This after I told her it's not my device memory as it's at 20gb and I've already cleared the game cache. I sent her a SS of the load screen too.

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    My neighborhood can’t go to the valley, we are waiting to collect something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    Out of curiosity, how many players are there in your hood? I wonder whether hood size has something to do with this.
    30 in ours

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    There are 22 in my hood, not all have responded to my asking about the valley. The ones who have said anything, all have not been able to get in. We have lost almost the entire first day. ☹️

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