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    Quote Originally Posted by OutOfIdeas View Post
    I just want to report that in the season that just started I got the same 3 tasks as in Meos picture in the first post of this thread.
    Two of us got peppers, corn, and wheat today

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    Me too, but corn, wheat and sugar cane. Definitely not catching many animals today with those tasks and not a one of them over 1 sun point each.

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    I got wheat, corn and chillies. I don’t mind them though
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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    I got wheat, corn and chillies. I don’t mind them though
    Me too, on my mini farm.

    And wheat, corn & indigo on my main!

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    and still not towntask ...
    Farm 144 ... Town 46 My goal is to have my level 150 with my town at 50 ... yeah crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by valleria View Post
    and still not towntask ...
    The valley is available to players at to low a level to have the town.

    Town tasks would still be undo able to many players lvl 30=something, with one to three town buildings, one seat trains etc. Friends with low level farms struggle with fishing tasks, town tasks would have them quit screamingly
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    I had wheat, corn and something else...maybe soy, as my first day. All one-pointers, and extra fuel spins required on the daily tasks.

    First fuel spin was 6 fuel. Also needed a fish shop (none near), animals (none near—one on the second day so I missed that task the first day), and a delivery—none near me.

    Then I got to the bomb guy and lost my rewards (was going for three, bomb appeared on the third). T’was not a happy start to this season, lol.

    But my time is pressed these days so I just do what I can and don’t fuss about the rest.

    Thanks TerM!

    I *still* need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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