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    The old formus

    Question: What happened to the old forums(e.g. clash royale forum instead of reddit)

    Background: As I went back on playing clash royale after not playing for a long time I wanted to go back to the forums to check what ideas peoplehad there(card ideas), and what other stuff they were talking about there, but to my surprise such forum doesnt exist anymore and the posts I had made there have also been deleted. Im sad, because I remembered that I gave the idea of the miner card, so I wanted to screenshot the post, but it wasnt there anymore.

    Conclusion: Id really like to check on the old forum, even if it isnt possible commenting(but thatd be a lot better), so if you know a way, please tell me.

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    It's not possible to access the old clash Royale forums as it was deleted. The community manager for clash Royale prefers Reddit for the official social media platform so he moved all clash Royale discussions there. It's no longer possible to discuss clash Royale on the forum here I'm afraid.
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    Clash Royale was moved (oiver our objections) about 2.5 years ago now (can't remember exactly, but it was after reputation was enabled in February 2017 and before Brawl stars started in June 2017).

    Even we moderators cannot access the CR forums any more, or even infractions that referenced them.
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