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Thread: Legend league tips

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    Legend league tips

    I made it! I last like 2 days then I知 back down to 4820 trophies. My base is kinda rush (th11 standards with level 10 walls) eagle artillery is max and have one scattershot tho, and upgraded cc. Plus I知 using one of my war bases from years ago when I was th12

    I keep edrags and loon in cc. But I see everyone puts ice golems in their cc. I also do edrag-loon attacks but the way everyone places their sweeper and their town hall it痴 hard. Like do you go for the townhall first or the eagle artillery.

    I知 getting like 15 trophies per attack. And my base is usually attacked 100% or 80% 1 stared. Heroes are 35 and 12 for new hero. :-(

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    Your base will not stand in legends if you're still at th11 standards. Even if you stand your place a bit, you would have to 3 star good th13s to stay, and with those heroes, I think is just not worth the trouble.

    Bjt if you were to stay, try and bring freezes for those sweepers and take the town hall in advance and try to get the second star in the rest of the base.

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    Well your offence is lacking to put up solid attacks to gain trophies, you defence is lacking to defend loosing trophies.

    Really no tips to give other then work on developing your base and try LL when you are stronger offensively and defensively.
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    Welp. Back to champion league I go. Yea I figured this was the case. I thought I would be paired with other guys that are rushed, atlease the first few trophies in. I will have to work on a anti edrag design because I keep getting murked by edrags

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    Most bases in legends are non-rushed th13s.
    I say most, not all.
    Those that are rushed are able to stay in due to decent attacking.
    I suspect the rushed bases stay low in trophies b/c you generally don't take all 8 defences each day, and they are sure to use all 8 attacks.

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    Well for future references if you do decide to try legend league again, never ever ever ever use an e-drag as your defending CC. It is arguably one of the WORST defending CCs you can have. This applies for war CCs as well. If you want to defend against edrags, use witches and/or archers. And in general also ice golems, baby drags, reg drags, lava hounds but NOT e-drags.

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