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Thread: noticing few e dragon attacks

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    noticing few e dragon attacks

    was a time my peace loving base was raided time after time with e dragons...and getting 2 star...most times...but as of late seeing less and less e dragons attacks and those that use e dragons ...getting less and less on %....

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    Imo mass e drag used to be used a lot but not as much anymore. I also think that that attack strategy is mainly a 2 star attack. Are some bases that mass e drag are better for getting 3 stars
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    War it’s a safe 2
    farming it’s great for DE raiding.
    since I’m done with my elixir upgrades minus some lab stuff and walls is gone EDrag Loons as my go to raid army.
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    See lots of edrags on my mini in titans still. See a few in legends, but more pekka/bowler/yeti than anything else. I prefer regular drags over edrags when I train ‘em usually, but just depends on the base. They do still work just fine.

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