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Thread: Looking for new NH

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    Thumbs Up Looking for new NH

    Level 99. Fairly active in my spare time. Been playing for years. Need a change of pace. I love the derby. Active trader. My former neighborhood has dissipated.

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    You are welcome to join our hood. Currently at 26 international members. Active helpful and chatty. Our only requirements are that if in the derby you achieve a point score of 1500 for regular derbies and 2000 for blossom and mystery derby, acknowledge help, help others when you are able and no drama or begging.

    hope you consider us.

    Happy cats

  3. #3 Come check us out to see if you would be interested. Most of our players derby each week

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    Find us: Nomosno
    We are active derby players, Champions league, we only require max points and 10 tasks 😁 come see if we are a fit!

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    Sent you a pm
    Lvl 148, town 42 #ULU2U8Y

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    Come join us #990jqv9p

    We are a balanced , friendly, semi-competitive neighborhood. We compete to win for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we play in derby to earn just enough points to get the derby awards (minus those awarded to the top 3 neighborhoods). Called “horseshoe weeks” this more laid-back approach allows us a bit of a break since our goal generally requires fewer tasks. In all cases we only complete tasks at 300+ points (elders trash tasks under 300). Weeks when you feel like you cannot complete your quota of tasks we allow and encourage you to opt-out of the derby.

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    Hi, Fierce Sickos is looking for derby players. Check us out at the link below if you’re still looking
    Fillory & Further
    Fierce Sickos - now recruiting

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    Hi, I would love to have you join my hood.

    Deer Willow (white fox on teal background)
    Neighbourhood tag: YLUOCUGC
    My tag: RVYVPOP2

    We are a friendly group of international, English speaking players that participate in derby every week. We have moved over from another hood (where we were in champions league) and are now placing first in our second derby. We are well in the lead and won our last derby as well. I’m confident we will be in champions league soon.

    Our rules are:
    - 9 x 320 derby tasks (max points for special derbies). Some of us to a 10th task but it’s not required.
    - Members must opt-out if not participating in derby
    - English speaking
    - Level of 60 or above
    - must treat other members respectfully

    Our hood is competitive but not ridiculously strict. I lead hoods fairly and am considerate of the fact that people have real lives to take care of (as do I).

    Please feel free to message me with any questions or join if you think we are a good fit for you.

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