My Hay Day has been experiencing repeated problems since sometime back in December that appear to be communication issues with Google Play Games, the app for game back up.

I was not as sure in the past few weeks what the cause is, but it is somewhat a repetitive pattern and has not improved. There was a hay day update back around that time, I believe and also a Google Play Games app update.

Things that are occurring...
When signing onto my farm now, the app sort of hangs up for sometime as if trying to load from Google.
During game play, often my farm will hang up or stutter along as if there is a communication problem with it and Google Play. As I understand the Hay Day app backs up progress constantly so smooth handshake between the apps is important and that is not what appears to be happening.

Often while playing my farm I get a hang up and some message at top of my farm saying google play disconnected. I look at my settings and it says Google Play connected. Then while playing my farm I often get another message saying 'Hey There "farm name" ' with a google player level..... indicating that my farm just reconnected with Google Play. I had never seen this type of activity in past years of playing.

Also I do not know what is with that goofy 'Hey There' greeting from google play. Sounds like they hired some kids in their programming department.

Another anomaly occurring is when I am changing accounts. When I tap another farm account from the in-game selection menu, the app pauses a bit then crashes. I have to restart the app then it promptly appears the next step which is the choice menu to select the farm I just came from or select the farm that I tapped on from the selection menu. From that selection the app proceeds to load and display my farm.

I got the latest app updates. I tried clearing the cache and data from the apps' storage but no help.

This may some bungled up problems with the Google Play games app, but it is making the Hay Day app look very bad as well. I am getting somewhat discouraged from playing the game since having to encounter these disruptive problems over and over.

There was a rash of other players complaining about crashes back in December. Some may be due to this Google Play.
Anyone else having such issues that may be related to this?