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Thread: Put any item in storage (not just decorations)

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    Put any item in storage (not just decorations)

    Hay Day is my joy every day! I love it. As I have played and grown, my farm has grown too. I now have a feel for what kind of farm I want to have. There are certain things that I no longer want and would like to move things around. Is it possible to have the following please?

    1. Ability to move farm animals from one pen to another (of the same kind). I currently have 5 sheep in one pen and one in the other. It would be nice to have 3 in each
    2. Ability to put unwanted animal pens (and animals, if possible) into storage.
    3. Ability to put production units in storage that I do not wish to use. I don't enjoy some aspects of production and am happy to buy my requirements from the Daily Dirt.

    Thanking you.
    Happy Hay Day

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    side note, the inability to remove non-decor items has led to a weird kind of challenge play. Have seen level 300-ish farm with nothing but a lonely farm house in the middle of a huge empty field. i've tried it but the scarecrow nagging me to buy a chicken pen for months just drove me nuts.

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    @ Benjamin9632. I guess, if that is what the player wants I want a nice, peaceful farm but maybe not quite that peaceful! lol
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