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    Enhance stats for different skins

    I bought the gold pass so that can enjoy a better perk in the games. Everything cool except if i can suggest, when i change skins to the heroes, it can improve the stats of the heroes, that will make our purchase even worth it.

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    Nope. That gets into pay to win. If you can pay to have better heroes, everyone who buys gold pass has a fighting advantage over free players. Gold pass then becomes required to compete. As it is now, it aids progression but a f2p player can get the same troops, defenses, heroes, with just time. As it should be.
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    This idea really needs to get added to the ruled out ideas sticky already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    This idea really needs to get added to the ruled out ideas sticky already.
    I just did a forum search for “hero skin”, and there are an insane number of requests for this same thing. In one of them, Ajax mentioned something about it having to be asked for a certain number of times to be ruled out, but that just means more posts like these. What criteria has to be met to have it ruled out? Do we just need an official statement from Supercell?

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    This probably should be added to the ruled out list.

    It will not be happening, because it would wreck the game if anything affecting game play were to ne only available for cash.
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