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    Quote Originally Posted by zok000 View Post
    I'm one of these average players attacking between 0 and 3/4 times a day (TH12). Gotta say, I agree with the above quote. I was in T3/2 Nov/Dec and I was levelled every time my shield dropped. Now sitting in Masters and I have no shield many times when I get on without being attacked. When I do get attacked they a usually other people dropping or weak attacks that don't take to much loot anyway.

    Love the knowledge that comes out of these forums and I think the data sounds pretty spot on. Keep those stats coming 
    You're most welcome, and your personal playing experience reflects a huge proportion of the playing pool.
    While SC (understandably) tends to publically encourage 'all' playing styles, it's core business model has always been aimed at the casual player base.

    SC and the community, all want new players to enjoy the game, and casual players of all levels to be able to progress. These are the key fundamentals that drive the longevity of the game, along with , of course, an enjoyable playing experience for all.

    One would only have to think back to the infamous, and very expensive TV commercial for the 2015 SuperBowl, starring Liam Neeson :-

    So, why did SC decide to set this commercial in a coffee house? The answer is fairly simple!
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    I concur I always though it was odd to intentionally lose and way to much of a hassle, there should be an opt out for legends on the signup screen that drops you or something to that effect. It’s definitely an unintended consequence of the ladder system that their is a benefit for losing...all though seems like the people who spend the most time trying to figure out the most efficient way to do everything never seem to max their bases, but they sure have strong opinions on the best way to do things.. personally I’ve never seen the benefit of losing on purpose or chasing a specific league (for base growth not social/recruiting). I play when I am in the mood and Wherever I end up I end up, I seem to run out of upgrades between idk works for me. i just don’t buy into everyone’s theories.

    tldr there is no benefit to any of what you said in the original post outside of killing more time to escape reality if that’s what you’re after.

    Their are larger benefits to be had in how you spend your loot than how you gain it
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    This is an interesting discussion. I think that, all else being equal, SC would prefer that all players were always trying their best on all attacks. I think this is part of the raison d'etre of the builder base, TBH.

    And, I agree with those who say one of the great things about Clash, and one of the reasons for it's incredible success, is the flexibility of being able to choose the style of play that suits you. Stay low and loot dead bases? Go for it. Wanna stick in low legends and farm there? No problem. Wanna just focus on war and farm only through that? Knock yourself out. Want to hit strong bases for great loot with no attack limit? Camp out in Titans.

    I'm reminded of the infamous Dec 2015 update where TH sniping was essentially killed. This was a major component of how many people played the game, myself included. And there was a massive uproar - many players felt this really cut into the flexibility aspect, and it did drive players away from the game. (Obviously, the game survived.) So, why did they do this? IIRC, a big reason was that it was too easy to get shields at no cost and this was harming the in-game economy.

    Tying this back into the topic at hand, SC is willing to make such a change if they believe that "managing trophies" is somehow harmful to the game. As an earlier poster said, no one has listed a real negative impact caused by trophy dropping. Sure, it's a little weird, but how exactly does it harm the game?

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