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Thread: Teach me how to use hog gliders.

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    Teach me how to use hog gliders.

    My BB is max. I've been using a beta minion + drop ship comp for awhile. I got up to 4900 some odd trophies, dropped a couple hundred,l (not intentionally), get back up to 4800 some odd, drop again (not intentionally).
    This went on for awhile and I realized I hit a wall.
    So, time for a new strat.
    I decided to learn various hog glider strats.
    I watched a few vids on youtube showing various comps and to get the general idea.
    However, I've gone from 4800 some odd trophies to 4300 some odd trophies.
    While I realize that learning a new strat comes with a steep learning curve, I am at my wits end to figure out hog gliders.
    Comps I've tried: 3/4 camps hog gliders, rest super pekkas.
    4 camps hog gliders, 2 camps raged barbarians.
    3 camps hog gliders, 2 camps super pekkas, 1 camp raged barbarians.
    My usual strat: go for the lava launcher, pepper in hog gliders, use bm to tank LL shots until it's down. I also try to stun the crushers to protect the bm/SPs/RBs. Also try to stun the doubke cannons.
    Any advice will be very much appreciated.

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    I try to prioritise the Guards, Crushers, Mega Tesla, and/or the Roaster if they are in range for other troops to take out, if not, try the stun ability from the Hog Gliders to get those. Defense like the Lava Launcher and Double Cannon can easly get overwhelmed by Hog Riders that the stun ability could go elsewhere if possible.

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    3 camps pekka 3 hogs, usually. I locate the guard post first, because thats what kills hogs and draws in pekkas. I'll send in the pekkas first and try and hit dcannons and teslas directly on the other side. This keeps the pekkas from taking too much damage even if i'm kinda sacrificing the hogs. I'll try and save a hog for when they get into the middle and aim for the mega tesla or crusher.

    If you can take out either the Mega tesla or crusher because you have a straight line at the battle start, send in two right away and maybe a 3rd because its worth once the kill squad gets into the base. Its basically all about those two IMO.

    The LL is the least of my concerns.

    The all hog strat is pretty simple. If you ever can pull the guard post troops with just your BM, you can pretty much 3 star those bases. As soon as the BM gets their attention you encircle the base with hogs. If you get a good spread you can freeze most defenses at once in the square, use an extra hog on crushers and they will implode the base. Takes a bit to get used too but once you get the hang of it, you'll have 6 hogs left at the end clearing everything out, even if your BM goes down. Just got to make sure he takes out the GP troops (or at least 3-4 of them).

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    Over time you will learn what bases to use minion drop for and what ones to use hog glider on. When bh9 released, hog gliders were op largely because base design hadn't caught up yet. I find the majority of bases now are really designed to defend against the hogs. Minion drop will consistently yield 2 stars. Pekka glide will yield a higher percentage damage but more 1 stars.

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    Thank you all for the advice. I've been using 2 comps depending on base layout.
    Comp 1 is 3 camps gliders, 3 camps pekkas. Used for bases with easily pullable guard post troops and semi-exposed crushers.
    Comp 2: 3 camps gliders, 2 camps pekkas, 1 camp RBs. Used for bases where pekkas can get funnelled to the bh fairly easily and/or guard post troops are deep insude the base.
    RBs are used to pick off outsude structures to help funnel, or to get more damage %.
    Still in around 4350-ish trophies but slowly wirking my way back up.
    The advice about switching between gliders/pekkas and drop ships/minions is really useful too.

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