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Thread: Would like Ingame achievement rewards updated asap!

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    Lightbulb Would like Ingame achievement rewards updated asap!

    Some of the achievements take a while to complete and they give a good reward. Firefighter achievement for example destroy 5000 infernos and get 1000 gems. But others like conqueror achievement (win 5000!!! Multiplayer battles and the reward is 20 gems... 20?!?!) unbreakable achievement is another one that has a very low reward but requires 5000 successful defenses. Please update these with better rewards and/or decrease the amount of stuff needed to complete achievements like (destroying infernos, winning /defending multiplayer battles etc.)

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    There are already multiple players who completed those achievements, so they are doable. As for rewards, they been like that for years, so no real need to increase the reward it offers, especially how some can be exploited like dropping to a lower league where other players will intentionally lose so they can get to a lower league or find an easier village to defeat.

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    They're achievements, not a piggy bank for gems. The game already gifts you close to 15k gems for completing all of them.
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