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Thread: Clansettings-BuilderHall level required

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    Clansettings-BuilderHall level required

    There is already a feature for a required level townhall but there isn't one for the builderhall!! So could you ad this in the game please, thanks!!!

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    Bbuilder hall is a solo expirience and i dont know why there should be such settings for the clan. I cant imagin why we are able to set required trophies for bb.

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    I am struggling to figure out what value my BB has for the clan. You cant war with it, you cant donate troops from it, it doesnt affect my ability to contribute to clan games, it cant be used in CWL. Why should my clan have any concern what level ny BB is at? Would you turn down a max TH13 who had their BB at 2 from joining? May as well put in a threshold for solo challenges, unless youhave beaten the dragon level you cant join.
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    I don't play BB a lot but I get your point. There are many clans out there who play just for pushing BB trophies. So they could have use this feature. If I talk about normal village, most of the elite pushing clan won't accept th7 who temporary got into legend league. They might be looking for player with strong Base and higher trophies. That goes same for builder Base.

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    You can do friendly versus battles, but I’ve never seen more than a handful occur in my clan.

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