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Thread: Looking for a non stop cw/cwl clan

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    Looking for a non stop cw/cwl clan

    Max th9, 19/23 heroes
    722 war stars
    Looking for an active clan wars and cwl clan preferably lvl 10+

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    Are you going 10 soon?

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    One Ton Omega is looking for new members!

    One Ton Omega (level 5) (#29GRQ902G): 26+ wins | Gold League 1

    About Us:
    • International Members
    • B2B Wars
    • Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    • Mature Clan – kids are welcome, but expected to be mature (mostly )
    • Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed

    Looking for:
    • ANY town hall level
    • Active
    • Respectful
    • Use both attacks

    Apply via Discord, and for more information:

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    After 30/30 yes

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    Come join FTH (F(orget) them haters) - Lvl 6 - #2002R0J9U. - Recruiting for CWL!

    We're certainly not a very high level, but we're on our way to becoming one as the atmosphere is chill, but strict with wars. We've recently started rebuilding after many of clanmates got too busy with life and had to quit for a while. Seems like a good fit, as we are all hype bout war but also busy with other stuff in our own lives. Most of us here all have had a fresh start while coming here.

    Opt out if you don't want to be in war.
    Some of us are now back, with new faces added in. I believe your addition to our clan is a perfect balance, with will help all our clan level up our attacking skills as a whole. As with everyone opt-ed in, you will be certainly involved with wars mostly, and we all try our best to max clan games as well (as well as have a chance to earn co-leader). If you're interested, read the thread listed in my signature. Say "tasty invited me from forums."

    We don't expect 3* masters, but that you worked your best at attacking, and aim eventually to be the 3* professional. But if you're already a pro, then all the better!

    You'd certainly be a great addition to our clan, so come visit! We hope to see you there!

    Thx to Holmes GFX for this awesome Sig! Visit his shop here
    Add me as a friend here, and I'll add u back ^_^
    Need a clan? =)
    Check mine out if you want here

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    Hey mate, Furiouspheonix is an active war clan. We mainly focus on wars and cwl. We are about to hit level 10 and are preparing for cwl. It is aussie based with high donations and good fun. Hope to see you soon, Allfather Odin

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    Hi. You're welcome to apply in game. Clan tag #20UYCQYQ9

    US based English speaking b2b war, max clan games, CWL, no donation ratio, no pressure to 3 star, chat always active. Chill but serious about war.

    Tag is #20UYCQYQ9

    Hope to meet you soon.

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