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Thread: Need some Suggestions

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    Need some Suggestions

    Need a List of suggestions guys!

    I wanna open a new account and upgrade th to 13.

    I ve another 2 account (TH10&TH9), doing max all things on both.
    I wanna be in legend league asap (and owner of a th13 account) I'm not going to buy resources because I love to get it from raids.

    Needed Suggestions:
    1. Which troops and spells should I get Max first?
    2. Which troops and league is best for farming?
    3. Which troops and spells should do max by gem?
    4. How much should I spend?
    5. Which is the best way to upgrade heros on that account?
    6. How's about a TH13 war weight with level 1 Defenses?

    I know it will be too much harder for first some months. I know this is Crazy. But I really want it!
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    I recommend checking out the father (as I see him ) of strategic rushing, Sinofdusk's guide on strategic rushing. He will walk you through all of these questions and what it would take to be successful as a rusher while optimizing resources and time. His blog also details his multiple experiences doing what you are trying to attempt right now. Simply look up clash guides with dusk. Good luck!

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    right behind you
    You want to start a new village and rush that to th13 and want to be as soon as possible in legend league? With that village?
    Good luck and i guess "asap" will take few months.🙄👍💪

    1. Troops/spells first you use for raids then for war.
    2. Lower leagues silver to crystal.
    3. and 4. Is up to you how you use gems and how much money you want to spend.
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    Farming in silver and crystel leagues.
    Miners army with healing spell
    (take only 20 min to train full army of 40 miners)

    And when you get high in trophis drop it with miners taking only collectors of dead bases and end battle.

    I upgraded all my 218 walls to lv.13 within 10 days of winter jam using this strategy.

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    Thanks guys for suggesting. Got it clearly. I'm really appreciated. Cheers 🍻

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    Be quicker to take one of your other accounts to th13 and build the new one up to th9 or 10

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