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Thread: Request from a Follower - Hay Day Store, Selling for Real Money

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    Request from a Follower - Hay Day Store, Selling for Real Money

    Hello again Mr. Ricky,I would suggest something to the game to you if youcould be the bridge to this suggestion.-----The game could develop a store within the game itself with products to be bought for real money.Products like food and cutting tools for example.It would be a company billing and would help many players who need an extra product.Such as a pac of 100 foods per "x" value.I am not talking about random offers that appear by chance, but a fixed store within the game.would sell miscellaneous products.----Reinforcing the previous idea, barn and silo tools, city and land expansion not counting in the barn can be earned but cannot be sold.As with Land Expansion Authorizations.------Thanks if you can transfer these ideas to the HD team.Thank you so much for your attention.

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    Specifically... why the need to bypass diamonds? These "packs" can always use diamonds... Is the crux of the idea the "packs" themselves, or is the OP being very specific about no diamonds, cash only? Since he posted through a proxy, i guess he wont be replying.

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