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Thread: major issues with farm visitors

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    major issues with farm visitors

    So I tried to send away the visitors at my farm because I never sell to them unless it is a visitors event but it sold over 150 pickaxes to one. Now I am down to 20 & I use Tom to get pickaxes for the derby. I stockpile them so my hood doesnít ever lose derby due to lack of mining tools for easy mining tasks. Is there some way to set up double tap on those visitors so this does not happen again? Like I said; I tapped NO SORRY but it sold them to that little girl anyway. I am really upset because this was clearly avoidable if it had double tap confirm set up on that button. I am curious if any other players have had this issue. This problem completely messes up my derby strategy. I just donít know what to do; I canít find anywhere on help or support where I can ask about this issue. Maybe it is a bug?? I posted this issue on Reddit too; not sure what good it will do. 😠😡😫

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    Try contacting Support in-game and explain to them what you explained here.

    As for the farm visitors, they always ask for item you have mos of or none of. If you don't plan to sell them anything, just ignore them so you will be less likely to be in this situation again. Small sreen and big thumbs don't go very well together...

    What is your device model and iOS version? Won't harm to let the team know if checking is needed for sensitive zone around each button.
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