I started the day with 129 bolts and a green tick for upgrade. (129/110) I didnít have all the planks so when a fellow hoodie needed 29 bolts for his upgrade I sold 29 to him, leaving me with 100. I found two more during the day taking me to 102. Returning to the game later in the evening and just checking that I still needed 8 bolts for upgrade (now in possession of all planks needed), I found that I only had 86 bolts!

Message to support asking what had happened. Apparently I only had 102 at the beginning of the day and sold 20 to my fellow hoodie! (102-20=82?)

So Iím guessing that....
1) I imagined the green tick next to the bolts in the morning!
2) I didnít help my fellow hoodie upgrade his barn with the 29 bolts required, despite his thanks for my help!
3) Basically I canít read or count!

Sent another, more detailed message of exact figures. This time the response said I had indeed started the day with 129 bolts, sold 29 to hood member and then sold another 20 in the shop!

Having spent the day looking for bolts I most certainly didnít sell any more bolts! Not even by mistake as suggested!

Third and final message sent .... final because I cannot contact them for a while! To which the response was donít contact us again!