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Thread: Mini Builder Base Tournament

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    Mini Builder Base Tournament

    What if SC were to implement a mini tournament for BB once a day? The tournament could have a similar style to the NCAA March madness bracket. Players are matched up against another player and if they win they go to the next round. If you lose you’re eliminated.

    Round one 32 players. 16 win and move on. 16 lose and are eliminated.

    Round two 16 players. 8 win and move on. 8 lose and are eliminated.

    Round three 8 players.

    Round four 4 players.

    Round 5 championship round for the remaining 2 players.

    Each round would potentially take 4 minutes allowing the whole tournament to be finished in 20 minutes. The winner could get some small reward or bragging rights prize.

    This would give maxed BB players something to do and non maxed players something to strive for. Thoughts?

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    The vs. system really is a long series of tournaments..

    There is no reason to limit it to a few players, when everybody is playing against each other at the top anyway.

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