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Thread: Canít ever 3 star a th9 ....

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    When my mini was th9, I pushed to champs league (for the gem reward) using lavaloonian.
    With that strat, most th9s can be crushed, but not all. There are some really good anti-air th9 bases I've seen.
    My advice: learn lavaloonian and/or dragloon for th9.
    Also, learn a good ground strat such as hogs, or gowivalk (or use pekkas instead of golems).
    Also, learn how to scout a base to determine if it is anti-air. I learned what kinds of bases are anti-air the hard way: attacking them with an air army and either failing (0 stars) or getting 1 star.
    I'd warch the replays and see how the base was designed.
    After learning the hard way multiple times, I've learned to recognize anti-air base designs.
    This has helped me on my th13 too.

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    With gowiwipe and some eqs/heals, I can 3 most th9s. Bk level 10, aq level 15, wiz, witch, pekka r max for th9.

    Aslo, mass hogs work

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