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    How do i put a av on my profile please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by x0xoriginx0x View Post
    How do i put a av on my profile please ?
    Are you wanting to add an avatar (which shows in your posts) or add a profile picture (which shows on your profile page)?

    Depending on which, first make sure you are in "full site" mode on the forum (not mobile site). You can switch views at the very bottom of any forum page.

    Then, go to "Settings" tab (upper rt.). On the left of this page, under My Settings, you will see options to edit avatar, edit profile picture, etc. Choose one, then upload the image or url that you want to use. Hit "Save Changes".

    Note: there are maximum file sizes you can have on these images. Avatar- 80x80, 20.0kb max. Profile picture- 100x100, 64kb. Signature- 500x100, 100kb.

    Good Luck!
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