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Hi, I am probably not fit for many clans as most don't have the room for me.

I have 15 accounts I been running solo cwls for past year or so, I would like to try out a clan with actual players not just myself lol.

Preferably an active English speaking clan that has room for another 15 for the 30v30 cwl matchup.

My accounts are as follows:

5 th12:

#1 50Q/30K/24W
#2 50Q/28K/16W
#3 46Q/26K/14W
#4 38Q/21K/17W
#5 34Q/19k/15W

My th11 are mid lvl with heroes average around 33Q-20K-14W

Hope I can find a clan, if not I'll just war solo again this cwl :S
Join my clan you can bring all you accounts