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Thread: Please explain the friends!

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    Unhappy Please explain the friends!

    Some have green, blue and gold frames. Some have hearts in the top right corner with numbers. Where can I find out what it all means?

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    Green means they are your hoodmates. Blue are the farms youíre following. Gold are other friends you added thru either the friend book, Game Center or Facebook (not sure about Facebook because I donít have an account, but assume it would work the same as GC). The heart indicates how much your friend loves you. No, just kidding. Itís the town reputation level of your hoodie.

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    Ok, then I have one more question for you. How do you add or remove people linked to your farm stand?

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    You can try reading this thread when it comes to adding friend in hay Day

    If you stil have question, we will be very glad to go into further details.
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