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Thread: Consider Neighborhood Notifications Settings

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    Hello there, I've recently been promoted to the leader of my Neighborhood and have started to make it really active when it comes to the Derby. Everyone chats and asks for help on completing tasks. But I've come across a problem, when messages or ”___ Needs Help” signs are sent I don't receive any sort of notification on my phone and I can't possibly keep logging on and off the app just to see if someone may need assistance.

    This is why I propose Neighborhood (Notifications) Settings should be added to Hay Day. There should be a specifically designed settings button, for all members not just leaders, for turning off and on notifications received from your Neighborhood for (since I know some people may not want to receive notifications).

    Please take this into consideration when planning your next update, thank you.
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    Completely agree. Letīs hope they do it.

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