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Thread: Maxed Out German Th9 needs a Clan

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    Maxed Out German Th9 needs a Clan

    Hey im a Maxed out Th9 with 800 clanwar Stars! Im watching out for a new clan that is lower than clan Level 7 . I have another maxed Th8 Account wich i would took in the clan too . I would be nice if there are no rushers in the clan and the clan should make much cw
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    One Ton Omega is looking for new members!

    One Ton Omega (level 5) (#29GRQ902G): 26+ wins | Gold League 1

    About Us:
    • International Members
    • B2B Wars
    • Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    • Mature Clan – kids are welcome, but expected to be mature (mostly )
    • Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed

    Looking for:
    • ANY town hall level
    • Active
    • Respectful
    • Use both attacks

    Apply via Discord, and for more information:

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    This thread

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    Hi. We're currently accepting non-rushed TH10 and above but if you're going up we'll accept you. Clan tag #20UYCQYQ9
    We're level 8 and quickly going up. Hope that's not an issue

    US based English speaking b2b war, max clan games, CWL, no donation ratio, no pressure to 3 star. Chill but serious about war.

    Tag is #20UYCQYQ9

    Hope to meet you soon.

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    Emergency Call Level 15

    Wars are typically started daily and vary in size depending on clanmate war preference. Discord is not required for war, but the player is expected to use both attacks for classic while also never missing an attack in CWL. We do not require players to be part of war. However, we do require the player to remain active in donations/clan games.

    -Active daily
    -Fast troop donations
    -Max clan games
    -High level players

    -Must speak English
    -Must remain active
    -Must donate correct troops

    Elder status is earned by an initial 10k troop donation amount and maintained by a monthly minimum of 5k troop donations. For any veteran/active player these numbers are easily reachable.

    Feel free to send a join request with message “From forums”

    This link will take you directly to the clan:


    Clan Tag: #YOLYYVCJ
    Clan Leader: Kleen

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Feel free to stop by and check us out, we have plenty of 9s and 8s to run friendly challenges with and improve

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    Max donations given during war and CWL. S.F.W.2

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    Sry but i dont want to Upgrade to th10

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