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Thread: FYM #P8UP9PV0 | Town Hall 8+ | Clan Level 6 | Farming/Social/War/Clan Games

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    FYM #P8UP9PV0 | Town Hall 8+ | Clan Level 6 | Farming/Social/War/Clan Games

    Hello everyone, we are FYM.
    We are looking for active friendly members to expand our clan, with currently around 30 people in our clan we have pushed our way to level 6. We have around 10 active daily players but we would like to do clan games but that requires around 15 people so we would like to recruit as many active players as possible! You don't have to be a veteran just know how to play the game and be friendly!
    We do war all the time but you can opt out of wars as we already have regulars that war all the time.
    We are mainly Town Hall 9 bases with a couple of low Town Hall 10's.
    A couple of things to note, don't donate troops that people don't want and be friendly and try not to swear! We want to create a really strong and friendly clan that helps each other. We do give out ranks to players who are friendly, active, donate and take part in wars etc etc. Just be a part of the clan and you will get ranks, we don't give them out straight away so don't ask if you are really new!
    Please let me know if you have any questions!

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    From wich country is your clan?

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