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Thread: Need help please

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    Need help please

    I am a TH12 who uses either BARCH or AQ walk BARCH for farming. But now I have started to get bored with these strategies so much that I rarely farm any more. This is effecting my progress in the game. I donít want to stop playing clash of clans. Can anyone tell me a strategy that will help me get enough elixir to keep my grand warden on constant upgrade till he is maxed? Also, please tell me the best league for the army.

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    Any dark heavy army will work. Bowlers, witches, Valks. Whatever you like.
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    Crystal. Im farming there with just mass goblins.You could also consider joining a FWA clan for some free loot.

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    Gob quake. I usually get over a mil of elix and gold every 22mins. Low army cost quick turn around. You'll drop trophy real quick. With a army boost get close to 14mil in a hour.

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    Edrags, drags and a few loons. It is easy, requires little thought to get at least one star.

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    Could you share the army composition for edrags with dragons and balloons?

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    For edrag comps: 7-8 edrags, rest loons. CC: loons + rage + slammer.
    Spell comp: 3 rage, 5 freeze (or 4 freeze and 1 poison).

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