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    What skins do you rock atm?

    Or do you “just” use the latest unlocked?

    Personally I change it up once in a while. My current setup is:

    Skeleton King
    Autumn Queen
    Primal Warden

    Are you strictly f2p or what’s your setup?
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    Skeleton King
    Winter Queen
    Party Warden

    I haven't finished this month's Gold Pass to get the Primarl Warden yet. Furthermore, when we introduced the Party Warden skin over last summer, we featured Judo Sloth in the video who dressed up as the Party Warden. I like to pretend I'm making Judo Sloth do my bidding in-game.
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    I just use the last ones I've unlocked.

    Christmas King
    First Queen skin

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    I Rock the classics
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    Unfortunately, am strictly F2P and so rock the classics as well lol

    If any skin I would like to have the most, it would be Skeleton King.

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    i have all skins for now, i buy gold pass every month mostly for rewards, not for the skins,
    saying that, i prefer the skins that help me to distinguish my heroes (especially my queen) from the walls during the attack:
    grand warden Party guy
    bk : jolly guy
    the queen : autumn beauty
    i like ice queen but it is the same color of walls, makes hard to find her in the heat of the battle;
    i don't like the green one for the same reason: hides in the grass, also has a bucket in place of the head and is a humpbacked; valkyrie is nice for her color, but i don't like her way to walk, seems a grasshopper;
    gladiator ....hmm the color of th13 makes her disappear on the map and also the helmet seems to be too heavy

    i am waiting for the new RC skin, hope it is not something green or blue
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    f2p , didnt buy gold pass till date , maybe next time
    If I get cat/robot skin, maybe i will buy gold pass then

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    Pekka king
    Valk queen
    Primal warden
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    Gladiator King
    Gladiator Queen
    Classic Warden (he’s banned from parties until he finishes night school lol)

    Thanks so much to TerMinus Prime for the sig pic!
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    Jolly King
    Ice Queen
    Vintage Warden (Classic warden)

    I like the animation around the jolly king when he’s killed.
    I think the ice queen’s skin is one of the best ones ever. Closely followed by Valkyrie queen.
    And for the warden I still like his original dress the best. Although I’ll probably switch to primal once I unlock that to change things up.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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