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Thread: Fix Derby Timers

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    Fix Derby Timers

    Derby timers should be longer, or you should allow people to spend gems to get more time. People want to feel accomplished not anxiety that they wont be able to finish their task before the time runs up. Please, please, please, fix this.

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    Why would you want to drag out the time on a task? The time limit is just part of the task requirement challenge.
    If your team plays in a relaxed style in a lower league then it should usually be no problem choosing the type of task that fits your desire. Just look at the task requirements to complete along with the time limit to complete it.

    There are long difficult tasks and then there are easy ones as well. Patience is the key and so is careful task selection. Trash the hard tasks and carefully choose one that you will enjoy playing when it appears. Just wait for it. Trash a task and another appears only 30 minutes later.
    Lower point tasks are easier to complete well under the limited time.
    There are also tasks that have no limit until end of derby.
    There is really nothing to fix. The expiration times become irrelevant to those players who are more experienced and in the higher leagues because they have no problem finishing well ahead of time.

    You can use diamonds in most cases to speed up your task and finish before the time limit if that is what you want to do.

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    I do not think they are going to change derby timers, so doing what dtx725 suggests is a good idea. if you are feeling anxiety over tasks, you are choosing the wrong tasks for your playing style. That is in your control to change.

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    There are plenty tasks that don’t have expiration times if the time limit is causing anxiety. I never take a crop task if I can help it and focus instead on mining and all the different possibilities of town tasks. It’s only the mystery derby where you are forced to take tasks you mightn’t enjoy so maybe opt out of that one!

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