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Thread: Th10 max

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    Jun 2017
    Hi, if you’re still looking for that right clan, stop in and check us out!

    War Clan “FRESH START” is recruiting!

    Currently Recruiting all levels, non-rushed please


    English speaking - all ages - Friendly - Serious about War - Generous Donors - Help and Advice provided - NO Swearing, respect is expected - Must participate in war, clan games & CWL.


    Non stop wars - must follow war plan - must use both attacks - opt out if unable to war


    Requirement usually around 1200 points for clan games. CWL is an expectation of being available the whole week.


    Elder is earned by war effort, donations, clan games, and CWL. CO-Leader is based on trust.


    Contact Sonia on our discord group

    If making a join request in game, mention “forums” in join request.

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    Seattle, WA

    Mutant X | War Clan | Level 11 | TH10+ | Mature/Adult | War, Games, CWL

    • Casual-Competitive • Multi-Clan Network • Organized • Safe & Fair Play
    • 40v40 & 50v50 Wars • 85% Win-Rate • Max Donations • Mature/Adult

    Wars M, W, Sa @ 3pm PT (UTC-7)

    Join Discord & follow instructions @
    in-game join requests not accepted
    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV —
    Recruiting unrushed TH levels 10+: TH10, TH11, TH12, TH13
    Mutant Z Feeder Clan Accepting TH7+ & Rushed Accounts

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    Established: January 2014
    Clan Tag: #PVJ9VPGO
    Location: USA, anyone who speaks English is welcome!

    We are a level 18 clan that is looking to grow and add more seasoned and passionate members (as we filter out some dead weight we've picked up). We are a mature group that wars nonstop . For this reason we are currently seeking a minimum of TH10 with maxed troops and a combined Royal total of 40. We are also a solid clan to farm as our top members keep high donation totals.

    General Rules:

    • Don’t be toxic. We do not allow toxicity, trolling or harassment in any form, basically don't be a ****
    • Speak fluent English. Easier all around
    • Do not beg for a promotion. This is a sure fire way of getting kicked. We promote people based on loyalty, activity and contribution.
    • Request as much as you want! CC troops help a bunch for farming so please do not feel bad for requesting. We merely ask that you also donate what you can.
    • Keep your opt in/ out badge updated. We do not accept “I forgot to opt out” as an excuse for missed war attacks. Please keep this updated and check it is correct for every war.
    • Do not miss attacks. With that said this is our most important rule, if you are in a war we expect all attacks to be made
    • Follow War Plan. Follow the war plans as posted, do not deviate from them.
    • Opt out of Wars if Royals are down. Simple enough
    • Be an active member. We don’t have hard and fast rules but if we see people without league badges for a while you can expect to be kicked. Also we war constantly and while we don't have a minimum war requirement we do expect you to opt-in within reason.

    STATISTICS (As of January 2020):

    Level: 18
    Best War Win Streak: 14
    War record: 421 – 294 – 3 (W – L – D)
    Current CWL League: Master League III


    Clan Wars, Clan Games & Clan War League

    Simply type [Apok] in the request as we are always at war so you won't get denied

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