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Thread: Barracks Queues

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    Barracks Queues

    First, a brief history lesson..
    When Clash of Clans started, you used to have to manually update each barrack queue when you built troops. So, if you had 4 barracks, each barrack had its own unique queue where you would need to manually specify the building of troops (you would need to split the troops manually across the barracks if you didn't want a huge wait time for rebuild). Over time, and with the addition of dark barracks, this has fortunately changed to one centralised barracks queue which will distribute the load over all of your available barracks. Hurrah!

    But there's a problem..

    You cannot build dark troops in anything but dark barracks.
    You cannot build standard troops in anything but standard barracks.
    All troop building shares the same queue, irrespective of whether they are a standard or dark troop.

    So, I'd like to feature request that that the queues for the dark barracks and standard barracks are split - allowing you to build dark troops and standard troops at the same time (rather than them all queuing together).

    Thank you for you time.

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    If they did this then they'd increase troop cook times across the board so that it would still take the same amount of time to cook a mixed army of elixir and dark elixir troops, at the expense of increased army times for pure elixir and pure dark elixir armies. Not a good trade-off
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    This same suggestion was made four weeks ago. Many good points were made to explain why separation of troop training (i.e. the old way) is inferior to the current streamlined troop training system.

    Here’s the link:

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