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Thread: Better Army control in barracks, ie. army compartments

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    Better Army control in barracks, ie. army compartments

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before; I searched and couldn't find anything like it, so here goes....

    I'm thinking of something like army compartmentalization and choosing which to use at the beginning of battles, as well as keeping them separate so when donating or deleting troops, the other army isn't effected.

    For my first example, we have two armies cooked, one on deck and one queued. It would be nice to choose which army to use in the 30 seconds before attacking. I generally use two different army compositions depending on enemy base layout, like if infernos are on multi or single; I skip over so may bases because my army is geared for a particular layout, it would be so nice to be able to pick either Comp 1 or Comp 2 while raiding.

    My second example would benefit troop donating. I find it a little annoying when donating troops that are in my first army, and then troops from my second army fill in those slots, therefore messing up my army composition. I then have to train those troops again and put them in front of the queue and then delete those troops that slid into the first army comp, and then train troops again for the second army. So if the armies were in compartments, donating troops/spells wouldn't effect the other army's compositions. Seems like a lot of waste to me... Does this affect anyone else, or does anyone else care about this?

    Third and final example, which is kind of like my first example. One of my army comps doesn't need cc troops (the one I use mostly for raiding), but one of my comps does. This is currently effecting me atm as I write this. I've been waiting for my cc to be filled for almost two hours and my first army requires it to be successful. My queued army is ready and doesn't need cc troops, therefore I'm gridlocked. I can't (or choose not to) attack. I used a training potion hoping to get in some extra attacks this morning, but it wasted away while I'm waiting. If we had the ability to choose between army 1 and army 2 while raiding, then I could have gotten in several attacks by now with my second army comp.

    I'd like to know what other think of this, and is it viable to implement. Do you think it would be easy for supercell to code this feature into the game?


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    Rotating your cooked & queued Army's "PLEASE READ FELLOW CLASHERS"

    The only way this gets done is if we all commit & bring enough attention to the issue.

    I didnt see this in commonly asked maybe I missed it, but as advanced as the game has gotten it seems like a no brainer that we shoukd be able to switch out our troops or between the 2 armies we already have cooked. It would open the possibility to being able to attack & practice with 2 completly diff types of strategys rather than having to delete or search for a base specific to only 1 attack. If not for battles at least for practice or during wars it would be great to be able to rotate.

    Such as in the 30 secs before the battle be able to pick which army you would like to use #1 or #2.

    If your at your home base you should be able to go & choose if you would like to swap out troops instead of deleting & having to recook.

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    I agree 110% & just suggested the same thing but you said it much more eloquently. As much as the game has advanced it seems like a no brainer they would have this feat. It would help so much when practicing on a base & for wars. The best hope is for people to see & respond to our request enough to get attention. I know my whole clan feels the same way & I'm sure 100s of 1000s also agree.

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