Hello, Guys!

In a while i've been struggling regarding taking my daily resourses for the BUILDER BASE. Since those are the only free resources that the game gives to us, i think this is a HUGE issue.

I'm unable to get my resources, because i get SO MANY DRAWS.

Most of the guys who play in Builder base know and use the "strategy" of rushing the BH to level 9 (unlike the "normal game" in the regular base, you don't get a lot of penalties). Since the focus is to get our troops maximized ASAP, most of them (including me) get lvl 18 troops, but a lil weak defences. So, when we enter a versus match, it's very commom both of the sides get a 100% (3 stars) resulting in a DRAW.

When this happens:No one get the bonuses;
Both lose the time of training troops;
Both lose the time of the attack
Both keep the same number of trophies.

It's, in another word, as bad as we lose the round.

I think you should do something to stop this from happening and improving our experience in playing the game. I have some suggestions of changes, since i play this game for a long time, and have a profound love for Supercell:

a) Implement some tiebreaker for Versus Battles:
a.1) the player who did it in less time, wins the versus match;
a.2) the player with more troops in the end (in absolute amount or in amount of HP), wins the match;
a.3) any other you could think of;

b) When there's a draw, both don't "lose" the troops. They get the troops back, and don't have to wait for them to train again.

c) another way you guys could think of solving this problem.

I hope you guys see this and understand my point, even tho my english is not great.

Keep the good work!