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Thread: [Recruitng] Eff Nate | Level 14 | CWL Focused(Masters II) | TH12+

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    [Recruitng] Eff Nate | Level 14 | CWL Focused(Masters II) | TH12+

    Eff Nate was founded by a group of college friends and remains a close crew since inception. We are continuing to grow and we are hoping to add some more fun members to our ranks! Expect a fun lively group to hang out with a grow with!

    About Us:
    We are a level 14 clan looking to grow and advance in CWL!
    Dominated last CWL in Masters III with an average margin of victory of 36 stars!
    Everyone will have an organized environment for CWL!
    Monthly 50 man wars!!
    We have never missed making clan games!
    Lots of banter and fun. We take war somewhat serious and expect a solid effort when warring! Use both attacks!
    Large group of skilled members to learn from and ask questions from

    About you:
    ​ TH12+
    Active and participate in chat.
    Enjoy War as we war regularly
    Be open to learn and master new strategies!

    If you're looking for a clan that's chill but wins frequently we are your clan. Enjoy an active group with fun members. If you're interested request to join mentioning this post!
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    There is still room for skilled players looking for a clan!

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    Big win last night. War search tonight come on through!

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    We still have a couple spots available for CWL! Come secure your spot!

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    Big war finishingup

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    50 man war a week from today! Come secure your CWL spot!

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    50 man war soon!

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    50 man on Tuesday. War search tonight

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