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Thread: Puzzle pieces

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    I pay zero attention to the sanctuary, my animals sleep all the time, but once when I finished a puzzle boat I got the notice on the screen that a new animal was ready to be delivered, and last week when I opened the book I had about 10 puzzle pieces that went to several pages... I have 2 animals waiting to be delivered now, but I have to expand the feeding post to get them, and I choose not to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VulcanforHayDay View Post
    Seriously!!! First, support is rude and way more than a little dismissive. It should not come as a shock to anyone that she feels that support considers her crazy. The forum has plenty of people who complain that support dismisses their problems. Secondly, how would you know that no other farmers have had this problem? There have been plenty of complaints on this forum of farmers not getting puzzle pieces when they should have. Most people do not even use this forum, so logically there are many others as well.
    My experience with support over this was quite different. When the last puzzle piece boat event started I needed 7 pieces to complete my last zebra. There were already 2 waiting in my derby horseshoes, but I needed the 5 pieces available from the boats as well. I got the first 4 from the first 4 boats, but the 5th boat did not reward me with a piece. I sent it away and called a 6th and 7th boat early, but neither came with a puzzle piece so I messaged support to explain. They checked my log, said they could see Iíd done enough boats and sent Alfred with the missing piece so I got my second zebra. I donít usually find support to be all that bad. Jen

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    I have had an occasional problem getting puzzle pieces. Once during a boat event I only got three of the five I earned. I emailed support and they said they could see that I had done all the boats and they sent Alfred with the missing pieces. I would say that next time a puzzle boat is on the way screenshot the animal book in the sanctuary. Then when you do the boat and send it screen shot the boat and the book again. Support should be able to identify that you haven’t been awarded the piece. Sometimes you have to explain things slowly and carefully to support to get them to pay attention to you. I find they usually try to fob you off initially but if you persist they will act.

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