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Thread: Builder Potions vs. Hammer of Heroes with CWL loot

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    Question Builder Potions vs. Hammer of Heroes with CWL loot

    Iíve been debating the best way to spend CWL loot. With the latest update all 6 of my builders are busy and Iíve generally got either the loot or runes to do more upgrades but Iím waiting for builders. With the rewards Iíve got the choice of hammers and building potions. Hammer of heroes is never a bad choice, my lvl 68 Archer Queen would love a fast upgrade but Iím wondering if 5 builder potions might be a better choice. 5 builder potions each taking 10 hours off the build time of 6 builders gives a total of 300 hours. (Technically 270 hours since it takes an hour to speed up 10x but close enough.) Hero Hammer is an instant upgrade which skips 6 days of upgrade time or 144 hours. Saving 200k+ DE is nice but not currently the limiting factor in getting maxed again.

    So Iím curious if anyone has any thoughts...
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    I don't like having my heroes down, especially on my main bases. So I know what I'd choose.
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    AT TH13 it's close if you can get 3 (or 4 heroes) down at one time.
    A hammer can save 8 days * 24 hours or 192 hours of upgrade time on 1 hero.
    5 builder potions (and 15 extra medals saved) will 45 hours per hero down. So 3 heroes down will save you 135 hours in hero upgrade time and another 135 hours in non-hero upgrades. 4 heroes down will save you 180 hours of hero upgrade time 90 hours in other upgrades.

    Just depends on how you like to upgrade an if you don't mind farming with heroes down and possibly opting out of war.

    I have 3 heroes down right now so I might be better off with potions but I'm opting to let heroes upgrade naturally or with books and then I'll use my 2 hammers right before next CWL where I think they will give best benefit for 7 days of war. So it just comes down to personal choice I don't think one is clearly better than the other, unlike when builder potions were 15 medals a pop. They made it much more balanced.
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