Ok so i have been playing Hay Day for a good 8 years now, its the only game i play and i love it! But recently i have been decorating my farm (again) and have came across a few things i would like to change! So here goes -

1. While im moving things around on the farm i find it very annoying and time consuming to move all the fields for the crops! I would find it really useful if i could select the fields i want to pick up and move in one go.

2. Can you please add some large trees which i can buy with coins? All of them currently are purchased with tickets, which are a rare thing to come across and take a long time to build up. At least with coins it will give me more to do and i can save for as many as i need!

3. While on topic of the trees - my plan is to keep the trees now as i expand my farm. Instead of chopping them down. It would be great if i was able to move those trees rather than them being stuck in one place.
- also, the trees already there will change with the seasons. Whereas the trees i have purchased with coins and tickets will not change. So half of my farm is going to look different from the other. It might be nice to at least have the option of a winter/summer etc, theme for them. So they all change together 😃.

4. Lastly, can you please add some more pavement options? I really wanted the dirt trail but it is 8 diamonds per piece. Which i will never be able to afford! It seems a little unfair that im limited to how i decorate my farm because of what i can or cant afford. Can you please either change this or add more options for pavement please!

Decorating my farm is one of the best parts of the game! I completely change it around every few month! Please consider my suggestions they are only minor changes to the game. Hope my message makes sense. Thanks for reading 😊

P.s. Why cant we buy and sell fishing lures/nets yet? 😛