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    Foxes want to walk south east to the main road, but they are fearful of getting within two game squares of any man made object (even if it's over the road).

    Using that info you can build a fox funnel trap or let them run away.

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    Yes, Merryfield if you want to get rid of your foxes, make sure there is a clear path to the main road...and make sure there are no barriers at the road preventing them to escape onto the road. You can entice them to move by putting a cluster of two or three raspberry or blackberry bushes near them. Slowly you can lead them to the road.

    Personally I don't like foxes. They get in the way when I try to mark a plant for watering. I had a bunch locked up in a stone wall prison, but inevitably one or two would escape. But I treated them humanely...gave them a pond and a tree to give them shade. They like apple trees too. Finally I released them all.

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