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Thread: help with lvl 11 base

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    help with lvl 11 base

    so here how it goes i have maxed all my townhall's 11 walls and some other minor defences and i am not sure if its worth waiting complete my laboratory defences and heroes (45 45 15) and waste gold and elixir since its always maxed!
    btw i am a huge farmer

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    are you asking if you should go to TH12?
    if so, then no you shouldn't, yes your walls are maxed, but your defenses and offence are too far behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegatekeepergg View Post
    btw i am a huge farmer
    Since you are a farmer / casual player who like to upgrade base faster and someone who care less about war weight (just like me)
    my suggestion to you is to upgrade your base and work on building th12 base.

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