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Thread: TH13 farming

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    TH13 farming

    Hi guys!
    Any suggestions about where and hoe to farm as a new th13?
    Is barching somewhere still viable?
    Any tips are appreciated! ☺️ Screenshots would be super nice (attacks and army compositions!)
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    As of now barching at TH13 is not viable.I tried very hard to barch as a new TH13 but was unable to find any good bases for barch.Posted about the same here & got some really good suggestions.Currently i am using Pekka Smash & exploring different leagues.I can keep my all 6builders busy + still can upgrade around 2 level13 walls a day.

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    Titan1 with miners is working well for me.

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    I am using mass miners with heals & it works pretty well.

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    3 heroes down currently. Using EDrag-Loon in titans. 6 builders busy.
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    Farming in Titans now, but I am not sure I am a new 13 anymore, but using everything from giant/wiz/pekka to pekka/yeti, pekka/bowlers, hogs, drags, miners, a modified bowitch.... and I almost always do a hero charge of some kind in there. And doing it without my RC mostly, and sometimes even without my warden as I try to finish them off.

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