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Thread: New TH9 - LVL 89 Looking for an active clan

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    New TH9 - LVL 89 Looking for an active clan

    Hello guys , I am a new TH9 (since 2 weeks) , LVL 89 and returned to the game after a 3 year lay off and looking to play as much as possible for future, the hard grind for heroes at th9 begins , sigh . --> #88GRG2J9

    Im looking for a clan that does wars , active and fun to be in. I am competitive in wars, otherwise im pretty chill. Ive been in clans where its pure toxic environment and its not enjoyable at all.

    Happy Clashing!
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    [Recruiting] Turn the Page | Lv 1 (new) Clan | Frequent War clan | Independent

    2PGLY8G02 - What’s up guys. Making a friendly clan, with mature players. Only real rules are no wrong donation and you MUST attack in wars if you’re green. Otherwise pretty chillax. Leader works second shift so around the globe works. Want to play with long-term team players, not have a revolving door. Will boot inactives periodically tho.

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    #2P2PLJ208 come and get the ⭐⭐⭐ with us!

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    sent you a pm
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    Hey Rado, I just sent you an invite to our level 19 clan, Chaos Campus (Clan Tag: #8JPQVYJU). We are an adult clan striving to find the balance between farming and doing easygoing yet competitive wars. A lot has changed in the game during the past 3 years, but I think we can get you back into the swing of things. Hope to see you soon!
    Clash Update Wish List: 1. New single player maps (or update the Goblin village loot every season) / 2. Leaders select words to censor in Clan Chat Filter for their clans. / 3. Revenge List Maintenance allowing player to delete attacks &/or make notes / 4. Chat with Rival War Clan in a War Chat (Make a 3rd tab next to Global & Clan) / 5. Ban/Block List to keep certain users from requesting to join your clan

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    S.F.W.2. HAVE TH 13 that gives max donations

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