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Thread: SC treating Builder Base as a step-child

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    Hope Darian sees this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paribodh View Post
    And u know what...
    With the limited troop capacities, BB attacks are more of spam as there is no real multi phased attack with almost all attacks getting done with one and a half minutes except sneaky archers by virtue of their design
    The attacks and camps need a complete overhaul which allow multi phased attacks not SPAM....
    Thoughts on this guys??
    Builder Base is a different game play on its own as compare to the Multi Player battles that have multi phased attacks starting from TH9 onwards. Builder Base doesn't need to have multi phased attacks, as it is still a smaller base that you can compare with TH8 and below. If more Camps are given to allow multi phased attack, the three star rate will increase to the point of more frustration due to the 100% draws even for max bases.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paribodh View Post
    Result of poor game development
    Agreed that your own idea/thinking is a result of poor game development.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paribodh View Post
    Hope Darian sees this
    What do you hope Darian to see in this thread? His reply to yours might not be what you expected, which will be more about game development that you read in AMA before you came here to complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaganzza View Post
    Yes, and honestly I'll be very happy that I don't need to play it for a couple of months
    "a couple of months" .. that's probably going to be closer to 6-8 months, but ok.

    Builder Base works perfectly for finishing/doing Clan Games, when you are in Legends. I'd say that it would be close to impossible for me to participate in Clan Games successfully if it wasn't for the Builder Base.

    The Gold/Silver Pass system further encourages at least one attack a day, which I do, because "why not?".

    That said, I have no desire to push on Builder Base at all, but I will finish each season above 5000 trophies, because that's just how it pans out when I attack and win once a day.

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