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    Yes, Rose and Earnest have really helped me a lot. Since keeping Rose on full time, I’ve never had to make animal feed nor have I had to make room in my barn for any of it. I let her keep most off the animal products I need and I may harvest some bacon on my own from time to time to keep a backup.

    Earnest is very helpful as well. I find that he manages the dairy and sugar products more efficiently than I possibly could on my own. The only exception is preparing for a boat where I know 4 hours early what I’m about to use and he doesn’t. In that case I just load up the machine for him and he picks them up and adds them to his storage once they are ready and after I use some of his prepared stock..

    Even though he is most efficient, if I am trying to fill all the town orders, I still use up more than one dairy and one sugar mill can possibly produce. So for that, I use 3 baby farms constantly cranking out all the dairy and sugar products.

    Lately, I’ve slowed down and only do just enough on my farm to complete the derby, global events, and puzzle or scroll boats so I haven’t had to run my baby farms. With this new play style, the single dairy and sugar machines on my main farm can keep up with Earnest constantly running them.

    Hope this helps you as you find a play style that is enjoyable.

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    What would be of great help is if we could unlock more dairies locked behind levels. Even more machine production slots would help, since a lot of machine production time goes wasted if/when all 9 slots are full and we are sleeping or at work, busy.

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    A friend of mine stops derby every few weeks to restock.

    Helper's storage increases as you level up, per 20 every 20 levels after lv100, to be capped at 200 at lv200.

    I don't stock dairy, I simply transform them into finished products as soon as possible. I think how fast you build up stock and how fast they are gone is the key to solve this issue. Any product I can buy is as much free time my machine will get to produce something else. That's where my coin goes. To buy time.
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